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Blue Knot Day
What is Blue Knot Day

Blue Knot day is ASCA's national day in support of the estimated 4-5million Australian adult survivors of childhood trauma. 

Blue Knot activities start on Blue Knot Day which is held on the last Monday in October with activities continuing through the week. Blue Knot Day 2014 will be held on Monday 27th October. For further information including Promotional Packs please refer to this page closer to the date.

What's the Blue Knot all about?
ASCA’s symbol for Blue Knot Day and its symbol all year round is the tangled knot. 
When children are abused they become confused ... life, even in adulthood, can be chaotic and tangled.
ASCA helps untangle the knot of child abuse for adults who were abused as children.
ASCA helps those who have experienced childhood trauma to recover.

We are excited to announce that the agency we work with, Launch Group, won the Mumbrella award (on 14th March 2013) for the Best Campaign by Small Team/Agency for Blue Knot Day.